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Oct 2020

NattFitness | Progress

“If you get up and do it, there’s only one thing that follows action, RESULTS”

-Ray Lewis

Jun 2020

NattFitness Podcast with Mentor, Coach, Speaker, Massage Therapist, AND Former Pro Soccer player Brittany Bock

  • How soccer became part of the equation
  • Self discipline and its role in greatness
  • How to have/build confidence
  • Overcoming injury
  • Have trust and faith in your passions and life. 
  • Things happen for you, not to you. 
May 2020

NattFitness Podcast with Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition Coach and NBC Titan Games Season 2 participant Kelly Stone!

  • You can be strong and smart! 
  • Fighting for what you want! 
  • Time management tips and tricks.
  • Future based mindset vs. Short Term based mindset.
  • Recognizing your calling.
  • Persevering through life's hardships
  • Sacrifices and Discipline are inevitable for success
  • Changing your negative perspective on fitness


May 2020

NattFitness Podcast with Visionary. Dreamer, Doer, and Writer Quinton Varce

- Overcoming individual challenges in order to develop a resilient mindset.

- Having Faith, stepping into your destiny and Taking FEAR Head!

- How working with and helping people can be ultimately fulfilling.

- Why you NEED a Reason!

May 2020

NattFitness Podcast with Attorney + Entrepreneur Kristen Baylis

  • Maintaining livelihood while also chasing dreams
  • Some tips on getting your small business started
  • How to build financial support systems for yourself
  • Taking 100% responsibility for your life
  • The Fitness Ripple Effect
May 2020

NattFitness Podcast with Life Coach, Healer, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, & MORE, Fireheart!

- Stepping into your power!

- Controlling your life vs. it controlling you!


- Feeling SAFE and COMFY being YOU

- Persevering through the Coronavirus.

Apr 2020

Natt Fitness Method with Artist and Musician CJ Hammond!

In the episode we cover:

  • What life is currently like for CJ during the Coronavirus. 
  • Avoiding labels while pursuing your dreams. 
  • Giving back to the youth and community
  • How to maintain the grind
  • Figuring out "WHAT IS IMPORTANT" 
  • The unexpected Paths we take
Feb 2020

Natt Fitness Method with Musclemania® Pro World Muscle Model Champion and Certified Trainer | Author | Influencer | Fit Dad Mike Lee Fit Life

In this episode we cover Michael Lee's amazing Transformation, how he handles parenting & fitness and he Michael shares some of his fitness tips to help move your health and fitness in the right direction.

Feb 2020

Natt Fitness Method with Fitness Coach/Trainer and Figure Pro and Champion Anita Lee

Nicholas Natt sits down with Anita Lee to talk about her fitness story and to ask questions about how she got started, how she finds time to keep up with life & fitness and what impact she wants to make on the fitness world!

Feb 2020

Natt Fitness Method with Recovery Specialist Chris Contini

‎⭐ Professional Level Health, Recovery and Wellness services for the general public. .

🤕 The distinction between being hurt & injured. .

🔋 Your body is amazing 

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