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Jun 2021

NattFitness Podcast with Healthy Lifestyle Specialist, Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Pro, and Former IFBB Bikini Pro Crystal Rose Harvey

This interview is A NEXT LEVEL DISCOVERY!! Crystal opens up about her journey from a background that WILL LEAVE YOUR JAW on the ground 😲. Talk about STORYTELLING. In this conversation, we learn EXACTLY what is needed to endure the rigors that people and life throw in our path in order to define OR help us discover who we truly are. Listen 🙉 how this incredible woman has TRANSFORMED from (skinny fit) to IFBB Pro Olympia Bikini Model OR 💰stricken from youth to successful entrepreneur. Health evangelist, self discovery-development coach, role model, mother AAAAAND MORE are only the surface titles we could even begin to attach to Crystal. GET READY FOR THIS ONE😃‼️This is a 💎 kind of conversation. Follow Crystal and be sure to follow up with us both tomorrow on this incredible conversation.
May 2021

NattFitness Podcast with Entrepreneur, nutritional coach and creator of The Confidence Diet

As someone who lacked confidence at an early age, Thiago saw the power of getting his body healthy and how his brain followed. 

Apr 2021

NattFitness Podcast with IFBB Pro Natalia Marrero

Natalia Marrero is amazing and her story, from start to finish, will leave you realizing there are many tough moments in life that may just be the triggers that reveal your super powers! 

Dec 2020

NOTES with Nick | Inner Circle

The group of people devoted to seeing you win in ALL you do! 

WHY are they necessary? HOW do you work with them? and Methods for Building an Inner Circle. 

Nov 2020

NattFitness Podcast with Professional Jiu Jitsu Fighter Luccas Lira

Check out my amazing conversation with Pro Jiu Jitsu Fighter Luccas Lira going though how he became the fighter he is today and his thoughts on cultivating the mindset necessary to achieve success. 

Oct 2020

NattFitness Podcast with IFBB Bikini Pro, Fitness Coach and Entrepreneur Gidget Migliaccio

  • Growing up in another country in not ideal circumstances. 
  • Dealing with being treated unfair and unjust. 
  • How competing became part of the lifestyle
  • Why just trying to have fun in what you do can sometimes be the secret to success
  • 100% believe in yourself! 
  • How improving your fitness and health can assist with growing as a person. 


Oct 2020

NattFitness | Self Doubt

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great” – Les Brown

Oct 2020

NattFitness | Progress

“If you get up and do it, there’s only one thing that follows action, RESULTS”

-Ray Lewis

Jun 2020

NattFitness Podcast with Mentor, Coach, Speaker, Massage Therapist, AND Former Pro Soccer player Brittany Bock

  • How soccer became part of the equation
  • Self discipline and its role in greatness
  • How to have/build confidence
  • Overcoming injury
  • Have trust and faith in your passions and life. 
  • Things happen for you, not to you. 
May 2020

NattFitness Podcast with Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition Coach and NBC Titan Games Season 2 participant Kelly Stone!

  • You can be strong and smart! 
  • Fighting for what you want! 
  • Time management tips and tricks.
  • Future based mindset vs. Short Term based mindset.
  • Recognizing your calling.
  • Persevering through life's hardships
  • Sacrifices and Discipline are inevitable for success
  • Changing your negative perspective on fitness


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